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Saturday, February 26, 2005

MBA Formal '05

Suzanne & Heiko MBA Formal '05

We had our MBA formal yesterday at the Fox theater in Midtown. It was a great time. The GBA had rented out the Egyptian Ballroom, an old-style, plush ballroom on the upper floor of the theater.

Given that we only paid $20 for the tickets, I don't even want to know how much they had to subsidize - open bar the whole night, pretty big dessert buffet, and so on.
We got a pretty nice group together for dinner before the "prom" and went to a tapas place off of Piedmont Rd. called "Eclipse di Luna". The place was packed to the hilt and for a good reason. The food was pretty good and they had some nice sangria pitchers. Suzanne and I shared six tapas plates and a key lime pie for dessert which made for a good base for the night to come.

At the Fox, it looked like a slow start but after about an hour or so, I was amazed how everyone was tearing up the dance floor, not sure if there was a correlation with the open bar or not...I definitely would have liked to dance some more (or at all, actually) with Suzanne but after mingling and doing a couple of rounds around the room, we kind of ended up talking at a table for most of the time which of course was very nice, too.

The thing was supposed to end at 1.00a and by 1.45a they had ushered us out of the building. Some people ended up going to a bar next door while others went to eleven50. We wanted to go to the club as well but someone in our group felt kind of sick so we ended up taking her home around 2.45a.

Like I said, it was a great time and everyone in the school definitely knows how to party. I know I'm going to miss that after graduation in May...